Southern MN Surgical Lap Band Story: Todd Christiansen

Todd Christiansen started his Lap Band Procedure with Southern Minnesota Surgical about a year and a half ago after trying “a bunch of different diets” and seeing a friend go through the Lap Band procedure with Dr. William Lee and Southern Minnesota Surgical. Todd saw the benefits and felt that his health was going down the wrong road. Since the Lap Band Surgery Todd has made a much healthier and energetic lifestyle for himself.
Todd decided that he wanted to speak about Southern Minnesota Surgical and Dr. Lee because of the success he has had after incorporation the lap band into his life. Todd has been an inspiration to those around him including his wife and a close friend both of which have started the lap band journey. Todd describes the experience with the team at Southern Minnesota Surgical as great. Todd went on and said that Dr. Lee was open and a comforting Doctor when you talk to him. Todd felt like Dr. Lee explained everything about the procedure and he had a good understanding of the process before he got started. Todd further explained the support network that Dr. Lee and Southern Minnesota provided was outstanding and described them as being just a phone call away.
Todd told his success story to help people out there just like him that might be on the fence about putting the Lap Band into their life. If you are thinking about the Lap Band procedure or just want more information about Todd Christiansen and his success please visit us at:

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